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Commercial building renovation is a niche we have come to love. Our team has experience with office build outs, retail space conversions and even historical building renovation.

Commercial Building Renovation Services

Commercial remodeling involves basically the same things as residential remodeling, albeit with one chief difference: There is much more involved in commercial projects than residential projects. The projects are bigger, and the responsibilities are too. As commercial remodeling contractors, we’re responsible for the safety of everyone who comes through the building. Depending on the size of the building and the scope of the project, that could be thousands of people.

Reconciling What the Customer Wants

When we meet with the customer the first time and discuss the project with him or her, we’ll make sure the project conforms to all building codes and other regulations applicable to the building in question. Within those guidelines, we’ll make well-reasoned recommendations regarding the feasibility of the commercial building renovation you want to accomplish. Once we’re both on the same page regarding all of the commercial renovation services you’ve requested, we’re ready to rock.

Proper Planning

In a residential project, no matter how expansive, the residents have the option of going to a hotel or staying with family or friends for the duration of the project. When it comes to commercial projects, the customer doesn’t have that luxury because the business, in almost all cases, must stay open during the renovation. So, we always plan the renovations so that they intrude as little as possible on the day-to-day operations of the business while the commercial building renovation proceeds.

What About Historic Buildings?

Whenever we’re called upon to complete commercial renovation services on a landmark, in addition to concerns regarding the customer’s business and day-to-day operations, we will also treat the building itself with the respect it deserves. We are familiar with city restrictions and requirements on historical buildings and will work closely with you and municipalities to ensure your historical building renovation meets all necessary standards. Additionally, ss commercial remodeling contractors, it behooves us to be familiar with different styles so that we can properly match renovations to a variety of historic styles.

Commercial Remodeling Contractors: Back to Basics

Even with all these differences, part of the whole thing should include exemplary customer service, including things like:

  • Providing accurate estimates and turnarounds
  • If possible, keeping projects at or under budget
  • Responding quickly to any concerns, comments, or questions the customer has

Affordable Structures strives daily to live up to these tenets of service and to provide a friendly, professional environment at all times. We also specialize in modular construction, which will help us complete projects on time.

Commercial Renovation Services

To learn more about or request our commercial building renovation services, contact us today. We are one of the area’s most trusted commercial remodeling contractors.