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Church construction is one of our fastest growing markets. We construct permanent, portable and relocatable modular church buildings in a variety of configurations. In addition to sanctuaries, we build modular classrooms, modular social halls, modular administration buildings, modular counseling centers and modular restroom buildings.

To meet the rapid growth of the modular church segment, Affordable Structures can provide both permanent additions and complete campuses. Affordable Structure’s strategic building alliances allow us to provide modular church buildings throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. Off-Site Construction provides faster production and less site disruption without sacrificing architectural appearance or building quality.

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Choose from the floor plans below and get a quote today. Didn’t find something that works for you? Dilantin purchase canada so we can discuss a custom modular building solution.

Floor Plan #110-5460

  • Sanctuary Building
  • Sq Feet: 3,280
  • Size: 58′-4″ x 60′-0″

Sanctuary Floor Plan 112-8260

Floor Plan #115-8260

  • Sanctuary Building
  • Sq Feet: 4,920
  • Size: 82′-0″ x 60′-0″

Church Floor Plan 118-6260

Floor Plan #118-6260

  • Sanctuary with Fellowship Hall
  • Sq Feet: 3,844
  • Size: 62′-0″ x 61′-10″

Church Floor Plan 296-5868

Floor Plan #296-5868

  • Sanctuary with Classrooms
  • Sq Feet: 3,944
  • Size: 58′-4″ x 68′-0″

Sanctuary Floor Plan 298-9860

Floor Plan #298-9860

  • Sanctuary with Offices
  • Sq Feet: 5,880
  • Size: 97′-8″ x 60′-0″

Church Floor Plan 302-11480

Floor Plan #302-1148

  • Sanctuary with Classrooms
  • Sq Feet: 11,480
  • Size: 123′-2″ x 115′-5″

Church Floor Plan 310-3560

Floor Plan #310-3560

  • Sanctuary Building
  • Sq Feet: 2,152
  • Size: 35′-0″ x 61′-6″

Floor Plan #313-5860

  • Sanctuary with Classroom and Fellowship Hall
  • Sq Feet: 3,500
  • Size: 58′ 4″ x 60′

Floor Plan #318-8276-30077

  • Social Hall with Kitchen and Restrooms
  • Sq Feet: 4,592
  • Size: 82′-0″ x 56′-0″

Floor Plan #318-8276-30077

  • Sanctuary with two offices and break room
  • Sq Feet: 2,280
  • Size: 30′-0″ x 76′-0″

Our comprehensive list of church construction services include project design, engineering, construction, site work, building commissioning and financing. We also offer single contract design-build solutions as well as lease/leaseback financing.

Our reputation for innovation and technology has added greater flexibility to our modular church buildings. From state-of-the-art sanctuaries, multi-story classroom buildings for better land utilization and flexible multi-purpose centers to a modular church, Affordable Structures delivers the best buildings, on time and within your budget. Contact us today to request a free quote for your modular church.

Building Grade Help

Standard Series The Standard Series is our medium quality line. It offers attractive interiors and exteriors with good quality specifications at affordable prices. This series is available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Commercial Series The Commercial Series is our highest quality line available with Rapid Response pricing. It features an upgrade exterior trim package, roof mounted HVAC extended factory warranty. This series is available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Custom Series This is what truly sets us apart from the competition. The Custom Series offers our clients the ability to build a beautiful high end building with a substantial savings of both time and money over site built construction. We can team up with your interior designer to bring you a customized office building with a multitude of personalized options.
Services Help

  • Delivery
  • Building Installation (Block, Level, Tie-Down Only on Customer Prepared Pad or footings)

"Total Turnkey"
  • Delivery
  • Building Installation
  • Electric Connection
  • Sewer & Water Connection
  • Permits
  • Project Management