Our Commercial Series modular buildings, warehouses and offices are top-notch. Get the very best while still saving time and money at Affordable Structures. 

Commercial Series Specifications

The Commercial Series is our highest quality line of modular commercial buildings and is available with Rapid Response pricing. Our commercial modular construction designs include upgraded exterior trim packages and a roof mounted HVAC extended factory warranty. Affordable Structures is a member of the U.S. Green Build Council (USGBC), so we have the capability to construct commercial modular buildings that meet GREEN building standards. If you are interested in your project being USGBC-certified, please be sure to mention this requirement in the contact form, quote submission or phone call when you contact us.

Our commercial modular buildings are available for purchase, rental, or lease. We can design and build modular commercial buildings with any specifications and finishings your project requires, just contact us with your building details and we will get in touch with you soon to discuss your needs.

Below are our baseline commercial modular construction specifications:

Siding Material: Hardie Panel Fiber Cement Siding
Roofline: Extended Box Mansard, Angled Mansard or Vertical Parapet
Insulation: R-19 Floor R-13 Walls R-30 Roof
Interior Walls: 5/8″ Vinyl Clad Gypsum
Interior Doors: Solid Core – Pre-finished – Imperial Oak
Exterior Doors: Storefront Glass or Steel / Steel Jamb
Wiring: Armored BX cable 100%
Lighting: 2′ x 4′ T-grid Recessed Diffused Fluorescent
Ceiling: 2′ x 2′ T-grid Suspended
Windows: 36″ x 54″ Insulated DP-55 High Wind
HVAC: Roof Package
Floor Decking: 5/8″ Tongue and Groove Plywood – 2 layers
Floor Covering: 1/8″ Vinyl Composition Floor Tile or Commercial Grade Unitary Back Carpet
Warranty: Standard 12 month factory warranty from completion of manufacturing

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Standard Series The Standard Series is our medium quality line. It offers attractive interiors and exteriors with good quality specifications at affordable prices. This series is available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Commercial Series The Commercial Series is our highest quality line available with Rapid Response pricing. It features an upgrade exterior trim package, roof mounted HVAC extended factory warranty. This series is available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Custom Series This is what truly sets us apart from the competition. The Custom Series offers our clients the ability to build a beautiful high end building with a substantial savings of both time and money over site built construction. We can team up with your interior designer to bring you a customized office building with a multitude of personalized options.
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