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Modular SCIF & Government Buildings

Our experience constructing modular government buildings includes contracts with federal agencies such as the military, homeland security and various departments (eg. FAA, FDA). State and local agencies such as co-operative buying groups, highway administrations, police and fire also are served by our government building team. Projects include SCIF construction, modular military barracks, fortified equipment shelters, courthouses, justice centers, administrative facilities, government office complexes, field offices, modular dormitories,specialized MOUT training facilities and other prefabricated government buildings.

Affordable Structures is proud to support the U.S. Armed Forces as SCIF constructors and by providing high quality, cost effective military buildings that meet their space requirements. As the military and government streamline operations and replace aging buildings with new, more efficient and flexible facilities, the interest in prefabricated government buildings such as modular military barracks has increased.

Modular SCIF and government buildings can be rapidly expanded, relocated or reconfigured if the need arises. In addition, new materials improve the durability of current buildings. To further streamline purchasing from Affordable Structures, we have established GSA strategic partners for your future projects.

Our comprehensive list of construction services for prefabricated government buildings and SCIF construction includes: project design, engineering, construction, site work, building commissioning and financing. We also offer single contract design-build solutions, as well as lease/leaseback financing for modular government buildings. Request a free quote today from our team at Affordable Structures.

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We have extensive experience working in the government sector Рfrom Sheriff departments to SCIF buildings to military barracks. Contact us and get your project off the ground today.