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The First Step of Modular Construction is Design

The site has been selected, the budget is approved, and you’re ready to move forward with your modular construction project – now what? Before anything else can move forward, you need a design.

The modular building design process converts your building requirements into a set of instructions for your builder. Affordable Structures encourage you to present your design ideas as the first step in construction. We offer three different design routes that can help you make a perfect choice.

Standard Series
Our medium quality modular trailer gives you an aesthetically pleasing building with durable materials at an affordable price. We use Hardie Board fiber cement siding for its long life and attractive appearance. Its resistance to fire and storm damage stems from its composition of sand and cement.

An excellent design features a beautiful roofline, and your choices include a vertical parapet or a classic Mansard. Our solid core interior oak doors and popcorn ceilings bring a pleasing ambiance to the rooms. We use 1/8” vinyl composition tile or a commercial grade of black carpet on the floors to create a distinctive appearance. Each building receives a 12-month factory warranty that starts on completion of the manufacturing process.

Commercial Series
We offer our highest quality of modular buildings at Rapid Response pricing to satisfy our most discerning commercial clients. Some features that you may appreciate include upgraded trim packages for the exterior that create an aesthetically pleasing effect for your customers and staff. Our roof-mounted HVAC carries an extended factory warranty.

We honor a commitment that we share with the U.S. Green Build Council (USGBC) to respect the environment. As a member of USGBC, Affordable Structures builds commercial modular buildings that can meet GREEN building standards. During the modular building design process, let us know of your interest in qualifying for the certification. We can construct a modular building that meets your specifications, and the process starts with developing a design.

Custom Series
Arched doorways and windows as well as pitched roofs of metal or Spanish tile distinguish our buildings and reflect your modular building design concepts. Through our custom modular process, we can create a structure that rivals traditional buildings at a fraction of the cost. A custom modular building may offer you the style and design that you prefer as a uniquely distinctive structure. Our custom models use attractive siding materials such as stucco, brick or Nichiha fiber cement products.

Contact Affordable Structures to find how we can bring your design to fruition with a modular building that demonstrates your ideal design concepts.

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Florida modular office building

Modular Buildings in Florida are More Popular than Ever

Organizations of all types and sizes are looking to alternatives when it comes to creating spaces that meet their specific needs for function, design, and budget. Construction projects of any size can become complex and costly without expert, advance planning in place. Look around your community, and you will find a growing number of new buildings created with the modular construction process. In Florida, modular buildings are more popular than ever as a choice over more traditional construction.

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Modular building costs

Why Experts Agree Modular Construction is Best

Currently, the construction industry is facing new challenges worldwide. Populations are growing but available land to build new housing on is disappearing. Businesses are expanding rapidly and need quick and creative solutions for their employees. In all of this change, traditional construction has started to find its place on the sidelines while modular construction has found its way into the spotlight. Despite the growing popularity of modular construction it is important to understand why the industry experts believe that modular construction is the best solution possible.

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2016 Construction Industry Trends

Construction industry trends are revealing that builders and clients prefer construction methods that are environmentally friendly, able to adhere to short project schedules, and offer a solution to the growing problem of scarce space available in large cities. Prefab construction, otherwise known as modular construction, is quickly gaining popularity as it effortlessly answers all the needs of these commercial construction trends.

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modular office space

Keep Employees Happy With Modular Office Spaces

Contemporary office designs are sweeping the work force offering more interactive and intuitive work spaces that are designed to increase productivity and keep employees happy. However, with the increase in the cost of land combined with the price and time of traditional construction methods, many employers are unable to offer their employees this luxury.

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Permanent Modular Buildings vs. Relocatable Buildings

TECO modular buildingModular construction has evolved leaps and bounds beyond what were once simple portable buildings. As finished projects, modular construction offers clients stronger, cheaper, and more sustainable solutions. This affordable solution is quickly taking over the traditional construction industry. The best modular solution for individual needs varies, but Affordable Structures offers both permanent and relocatable buildings. How do you determine which is right for you? Below we highlight the strengths and different features of each type of project, but both are great alternatives to traditional construction methods.

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How Modular Construction Can Solve Your Growing Pains

You can see overcrowding happening everywhere. In our schools, hospitals and offices people are sitting on top of one another. When overcrowding has become too much to bear, moving into or building a new space both seem like obvious options but they are not always the most viable. Both possibilities have high costs and slow turnarounds. Modular construction can address both the immediate and long-term solutions to your school, medical clinic or office’s space problem at a lower cost than most other methods.

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Video of New East Coast Migrant Head Start Building

When East Coast Migrant Head start decided to open a new location, they turned to Affordable Structures. Our team was able to save the organization both time and money on their project, and we had a lot of fun doing it! Watch this video to see the modular construction process from start to finish… plus a few bloopers along the way (from the people, not the project).

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