Construction industry trends are revealing that builders and clients prefer construction methods that are environmentally friendly, able to adhere to short project schedules, and offer a solution to the growing problem of scarce space available in large cities. Prefab construction, otherwise known as modular construction, is quickly gaining popularity as it effortlessly answers all the needs of these commercial construction trends.

Construction Trends Demand Green-Friendly Builders

As the construction industry continues to trend towards green-friendly builders and buildings, modular construction is stepping into the spotlight. Modular buildings are environmentally friendly because they are built primarily in a controlled environment. This results in less waste at construction sites which ensures all green building trash-separation requirements are easier to meet. Affordable Structures is a LEED certified builder and uses sustainable materials and environmentally friendly development techniques. Affordable Structures’ projects are also able to maintain their green elements over time. Learn more about what it means to be a Green Builder.

Commercial Construction Trends Show Shorter Project Timelines

Construction trends reveal a desire for projects to be done on increasingly strict time schedules. Large scale projects such as hospitals and housing units help fill needs that can’t wait the multiple years that traditional construction methods take to complete. Modular buildings are constructed simultaneously with the build site prep, eliminating the need to wait on site preparation completion to begin construction. Once completed, modular buildings are installed in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional construction to be completed. Read more about the off-site construction difference.

Construction Industry Trends Reveal Need for Creative Spacing Solutions

Commercial construction trends also have identified a growing problem. Large cities are in need of new buildings but there is very limited space available. The solution has become choosing a construction method that allows new buildings to be attached to existing structures with designs that creatively take advantage of every square foot available. Whether the new prefab building needs to be attached to existing structures, built portable so it can move and continuously adapt to the needs of the space constraints, or designed uniquely to perfectly fit  a particular space, modular construction is the construction industry’s solution.

Construction industry trends change to reflect the needs of the people, environment, and building landscapes. Modular construction popularity is quickly gaining as builders and clients discover how adaptable, reliable and affordable the prefabrication process is. If your next construction project is being driven by one or all of these construction trends, contact Affordable Structures today.  A custom modular build may be able to meet the unique needs of your next project.