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When it comes to modular construction, Affordable Structures offers everything you need. Our services are truly turnkey, including design and architecture to modular installation.

Modular Building Installation

When it comes to modular building installation, we provide a range of services. From working with you on the structure’s design to preparing the site and ensuring that the utilities are connected upon completion, our modular building installation service ensures that you’ll get the completed project that you need.

Project Development

Modular building installation companies like ours work with every client directly to design and plan the creation and installation of a project. We believe in providing quality construction and service. To this end, we make sure that each member of our installation team has the proper construction and safety training to build your modular project securely, on time and with an attention to detail. Along with working with you to design and plan your structure, our modular building installation service includes:

  • Permit acquisition
  • Site development
  • Footing installation
  • Material manufacturing and delivery
  • Utility connectivity
  • Construction of decks, ramps and sidewalks

Quality and Speed

At Affordable Structures, we reduce construction time by multitasking. One team prepares your project site while another develops the materials for your structure. Once the materials are ready for construction, we’ll partially complete your project’s modules. We will then safely ship them to the site. One of our installation specialists will oversee the structure’s completion. This includes making sure that the modules are put together properly.

The type of installation that we complete will depend on your building’s foundation. If you need a permanent, semi-permanent or on grade foundation, then our modular building installers will be using a crane to position the module. For temporary structures, we can use basic mechanical methods to complete the installation process. Because we are able to offer these installation techniques, our modular building installers are able to prepare a structure for occupancy from 30 percent to 60 percent faster than those who build onsite.

Turnkey Service

We handle every part of the manufacturing process to ensure that your structure meets strict quality standards. In addition, we design and construct our buildings to tolerate the stress of being moved from our factory to the construction site. With the module in place, our installers can take care of the exterior and interior finish work. When it comes to the exterior of a structure, our team will build the façade and add landscaping. They will even take care of the exterior siding, trim and skirting. To finish the structure’s interior, we will tape, apply interior texture and paint. Upon completion, you’ll be able to move into the structure immediately.

Reliable Modular Construction

As one of the area’s top modular building installation companies, we use innovative building methods and advanced technology to give you the structure that you need when you need it. Our speed, efficiency and quality construction offer value while our commitment to service ensures that you’ll be a part of the project every step of the way.