Weather can get violent, causing billions of dollars in destruction and leaving communities in despair. While there is no current construction method that is promised to withstand these powers, modular construction has proven to be a better hurricane resistant construction choice, withstanding Mother Nature better than traditional construction methods.

FEMA has acknowledged modular construction for its sound workmanship as far back as Hurricane Andrew. The FEMA report released stated, “relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing developments.” Despite Hurricane Andrew’s 131-155mph winds of a category 4 storm, FEMA reported that modular homes “performed much better than conventional residential framing.”

The Modular Difference

At Affordable Structures, each of our modular construction projects are held to a high quality standard during manufacturing. Each project, despite its purpose, is subjected to inspections at each step. This amount of inspections far exceeds that of traditional constructed buildings and guarantees that each part of the modular building is the strongest it could be.

Hurricane force winds can rip off roofs and tear down walls, but modular hurricane resistant buildings are designed to keep those inside safe. Healthcare buildings are some of the most important buildings to keep protected and running during a natural disaster. Affordable Structure specializes in hurricane resistant construction and weather proofing modular healthcare buildings in Florida specifically for hurricane winds and other common tropical weather.

This hurricane season has proved to be a very active one and as we look forward to the end, tropical weather is always an unknown. When planning your next construction project be sure to consider the strength and sustainability provided by modular construction. Affordable Structures specializes in custom projects and no idea is too big. Get your free quote on a hurricane resistant building today!