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Sometimes basic is exactly what you need. At Affordable Structures, basic doesn’t mean cutting corners. Get quality and economy with our Standard Series modular buildings.

Standard Series Specifications

The Standard Series is our medium quality line of modular trailers. The standard modular building design offers attractive interiors and exteriors with good quality specifications at affordable prices.

The standard modular building series is ideal for those who need quality building solutions at a reasonable price. The standard modular building design includes materials and specifications that ensure customer satisfaction. With construction time at half that of traditional construction, this series of modular trailers are also the perfect solution for those who needed more building space yesterday. A standard modular building can be used for a variety of industry spaces and is available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Siding Material: Hardie Panel Fiber Cement Siding
Roofline: Extended Box Mansard, Angled Mansard or Vertical Parapet
Insulation: R-19 Floor R-13 Walls R-30 Roof
Interior Walls: 5/8″ Vinyl Clad Gypsum
Interior Doors: Solid Core – Pre-finished – Imperial Oak
Exterior Doors: Storefront Glass or Steel / Steel Jamb
Wiring: Armored BX cable 100%
Lighting: Surface Diffused Fluorescent
Ceiling: Textured Drywall (Popcorn)
Windows: 36″ x 54″ Insulated DP-55 High Wind
HVAC: Wall Mount Central HVAC
Floor Decking: 5/8″ Tongue and Groove Plywood
Floor Covering: 1/8″ Vinyl Composition Floor Tile or 26 Ounce Commercial Grade Unitary Back Carpet
Warranty: Standard 12 month factory warranty from completion of manufacturing

Standard modular building design