Currently, the construction industry is facing new challenges worldwide. Populations are growing but available land to build new housing on is disappearing. Businesses are expanding rapidly and need quick and creative solutions for their employees. In all of this change, traditional construction has started to find its place on the sidelines while modular construction has found its way into the spotlight. Despite the growing popularity of modular construction it is important to understand why the industry experts believe that modular construction is the best solution possible.

Low Modular Building Cost

Many modular construction articles out there today drill home the idea that modular construction is affordable, but what actually does lower modular building costs really mean for you? In a study conducted by the experts at Basic Components Inc., the average modular building cost was $100 to $125 per every square foot. Traditionally constructed buildings averaged at $180 – $200 per every square foot. Deciding to build a new home or new business also comes with the price of insurance coverage, property taxes, financing, builder labor, and more. Modular construction’s combination of affordable products and fast construction saves you more money.

Fast Modular Build Time

The longer your project is under construction the more it can cost you. The experts at Allied Modular remind readers that the sooner a modular construction project can be completed the faster it can start making you money. Modular construction excels at speeding up project times, but how? Modular construction’s ability to be built simultaneously to site prep that saves builders time. While the concrete foundation is setting on-site the modular home process can occur simultaneously at an off-site location. Traditional construction has no choice but to wait the minimum 28 days to start building upon the foundation. The modular home process is efficient, conducted at an off-site warehouse where bad weather and other delaying factors are avoided. Once the outside of the structure is up, the work on the inside can begin, again speeding up the time it takes to complete.

At Affordable Structures we are modular construction experts. We value both your time and your investment in a new modular structure. We work with the highest quality materials, build in state of the art warehouses and produce your unique product on time, anywhere you need. Request a quote from us today and discover why modular construction experts are excited for the future of construction.