One of the first things a potential buyer asks themselves when buying a modular building is: How much does a modular building cost and how does it compare with other types of construction? Unfortunately, many people run into a road block when they try to do research online as to how much the actual modular building cost amounts to.  This article will attempt to answer this important question in a straightforward manner, but keep in mind prices can vary greatly from region to region depending on the code requirements for that area. Some companies, like Affordable Structures, offer financing options for modular buildings.

Wood Frame Construction

In many applications, wood frame construction is perfectly acceptable.  Typical applications for this type of construction include office buildings, daycare centers, small medical buildings, sales centers and classrooms.  Many factors can impact the cost of these buildings including layout, specifications, complexity, finishes, foundation, location, wind speeds, floor loads and roof loads.  These types of portable buildings cost per square foot ranges from $40-70 per square foot. While this type of construction is more cost effective, the life expectancy is not as great as a steel framed building.

Steel Frame Construction

Some customers prefer a more permanent type of design.  Typical applications for steel framed buildings include medical centers, multi-family residential buildings, worship facilities, multi-story education buildings and large industrial complexes.  Again, costs are influenced by scope, finishes, complexity, structural requirements, wind speed, loads, type of foundation and local code requirements.  For the steel framed modular building the cost per square foot for can range from $55 to greater than $100 per square foot.  These buildings commonly are permanent facilities and have a life expectancy greater than fifty years in many scenarios.

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