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Where can i order Dilantin - Buy generic Dilantin

Where can i order Dilantin - Buy generic Dilantin

Leesburg Regional Medical Center needed a daycare for their employees and on-staff doctors. The hospital wanted to provide a convenient, spacious and comfortable environment for the children of various staff members. The project had to also meet the stringent requirements and approvals of the Board of Directors and be able to be constructed in a short period of time.

Project Profile

  • Who: Leesburg Regional Daycare Center
  • Where: Leesburg, Florida
  • What: Daycare Center licensed for 138 children
  • Size: 5,102 Square Feet
  • Scope: Designed and built to match the aesthetic appeal of the adjacent Hospital

The Solution

Through standardized manufacturing and concurrent construction processes, Affordable Structures, Inc. achieved the installation of a permanent building with substantial savings over conventional construction. The building was fully operational within (60) days of delivery and met all of the requirements of the Board regarding quality, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness.

Project Features

  • Hardie panel stucco exterior with mansard
  • Permanent foundation with crawl space
  • Roof mount package HVAC system
  • NFPA sprinkler/alarm system

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Building Grade Help

Standard Series The Standard Series is our medium quality line. It offers attractive interiors and exteriors with good quality specifications at affordable prices. This series is available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Commercial Series The Commercial Series is our highest quality line available with Rapid Response pricing. It features an upgrade exterior trim package, roof mounted HVAC extended factory warranty. This series is available for purchase, rental, or lease.

Custom Series This is what truly sets us apart from the competition. The Custom Series offers our clients the ability to build a beautiful high end building with a substantial savings of both time and money over site built construction. We can team up with your interior designer to bring you a customized office building with a multitude of personalized options.
Services Help

  • Delivery
  • Building Installation (Block, Level, Tie-Down Only on Customer Prepared Pad or footings)

"Total Turnkey"
  • Delivery
  • Building Installation
  • Electric Connection
  • Sewer & Water Connection
  • Permits
  • Project Management